DataRay Makes It Easier for the IT Director

  • Plug and play connectivity
  • Quick and seamless integration
  • User friendly to avoid costly end-user training
  • Fewer help desk calls
  • NO software/programming…

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DataRay Makes It Easier for the Admitting Director

  • Positive Patient ID
  • Enhance in workflow and patient relations
  • Simple downtime solution
  • Reduce consumables waste
  • Improve productivity & efficiency

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DataRay Makes It Easier for the Nursing Director

  • Enhance workflow and staff relations
  • Prevent workarounds
  • Reduce liability for adverse drug events
  • Enhance patient safety
  • Improve productivity

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DataRay Makes It Easier for the Financial Director

  • Embosser replacement
  • GPO affiliations to lower costs
  • Quick ROI
  • Reduce overall cost of care
  • Avoid costly medication errors

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DataRay Makes It Easier for the Safety Coordinator

  • Assurance of Positive Patient ID
  • Reduction in adverse drug events
  • Meets HIPPA & JCAHO requirements
  • Antimicrobial coated bands to reduce infection
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DataRay Makes It Easier for the Pharmacy Director

  • Reduce error probability with TML
  • Ease of reformatting reports with MedMap
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Improve efficiency

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DataRay is an industry leader in positive patient identification and barcode integration technologies. DataRay - because we care about patient safety in hospitals across America.

DataRay Provides Interoperability of systems – As we have conducted site surveys at many hospitals nationally, we have commonly found stand-alone processes that do not work cohesively with other systems, may be inefficient, and could potentially be considered a patient safety risk. The DataRay Patient Safety Solutions Suite is designed specifically to tie previously disassociated manual, handwritten, or paper processes into the EHR. This allows the EHR to function as it should as the primary organization centerpiece for all information and workflow related to patient care.

DataRay Provides Best practices: These technologies and workflows are designed based upon best-practice implementations at hundreds of hospitals and clinics. They resolve problems with current processes that could potentially lead to errors in the identification of patients, medications, or lab collections, by providing comprehensive systems that work cohesively with all hospital departments and clinics.